Europe in the news

Europa in the newspapers

In case you’ve missed it, the Guardian has a small survey on How European are you? It’s less fun (for non-Brits) than it sounds but once you get to the results you are rewarded with a celar demonstration of how different the Guardian readership is from the rest of the British populace.

But this small survey led me to the EUROPA initiative: under this heading the Guardian and five other newspaper from across the big EU member states collect their EU-related material. According to the official presentation:

“The European Union is grappling with its deepest crisis in 60 years, a malaise that goes beyond the euro debacle and the enormous tide of debt swamping the continent… At this critical juncture, six leading newspapers from the largest EU countries have come together in a joint project to build up a more nuanced picture of the EU and explore what Europe does well and what not so well.”

Apart from the end-of-the-world rhetoric – great initiative! The birth of a common European public sphere? Probably not, but a nice project anyways.


One thought on “Europa in the newspapers

  1. Yes, I agree that it was a very good initiative and long-overdue. I am very much for the fostering of European cultural production on a cross-national scale (however small to start with), as I believe this will help to erode the ever-increasing tide of nationalism, populism and selfishness eating away at our European project and at any notion of European identity that may have been created thus far.

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