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Delors attacks non-socialsit EU leaders

Former Commission president Jacques Delors has attacked several current European politicians over their leadership of the Union. Euractiv reports:

Delors said that in recent years, the European method had been “disguised”, marking a return to the 1814-1815 Congress of Vienna, and to the “cynicism” of nationalistic power play.  “If we go this way, it means that someone wants to kill Europe, that it should not exist and should not have existed in the first place,” he said.

Delors goes on to put the finger on José Manuel Barroso, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Van Rompuy among others. The attack is beyond any doubt ideologically motivated: at the same event Delors advocated  an European Socialist Alternative representing “an offensive of Social Democracy in the broader sense” (as quoted by Euractiv). The transformation of Delors from the ideal-typical technocrat leading the apolitical European Commission to a visionary ideologue of Eurepean socialism is quite remarkable indeed.

[via Georgi Gotev]

On a somewhat related note, here is an animated map of the changing ideological landscape in Europe since 1948.



2 thoughts on “Delors attacks non-socialsit EU leaders

  1. well, I politely beg to disagree here…I think there is a lot to criticize these EU leaders for without ideological motivation. Even if you are the ideal European technocrat, as Delors arguably has been, you still can have ideals with regard to the EU and they cannot possibly include the ruin of what has been achieved and the relentless march of intergovernmentalist decision making that disadvantages small states…You can also see it differently, that Delors was one of the main architects of the internal market and EMU and none of these projects can continue to exist and function without some solidarity in Europe of the most basic, non socialist kind. The current leaders of Europe have made the EU too much of a zero sum game…

  2. I completely disagree here!

    Yes, some countries have had objections but they were all relevant. There are countries that have broken the treaty and bluffed there way into the EMU and now they want the rest to save them.

    I understand the hesitation from Germany and others.

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