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Forthcoming debate on Europe

Munk Debates will hold a debate under the slogan ‘The European Experiment Has Failed’. Niall Ferguson and Josef Joffe will argue that it has, and Peter Mandelson and Daniel Cohn-Bendit will defend the good other side. Brace yourselves, the EU debate of the year is coming!

The teaser from Niall Ferguson is already rather irratating: “For more than 10 years, it has been the case that Europe has conducted an experiment in the impossible.” Not sure what he means, but as a historian he should know that the dominance of the nation-state is a relatively short and recent episode in world history and that the domain of the possible often proves to be surprisingly vast.

Here is some (highly selective) background on Niall Ferguson: link, link. Felix Salmon has an entertaining post on the forthcoming debate here.


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