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A fine example of Euro-speak

I am sure you have all heard the old adage ‘No taxation without representation”. Here is the translation in Euro-speak:

“Further financial mutualisation requires commensurate political integration”  (from page 35 of the Commission’s
“Blueprint for a deep and genuine economic and monetary union”)

3 thoughts on “A fine example of Euro-speak

  1. Political integration without democractic support is not feasible. In a way, the political integration is absolutely necessary, but it has to be done with democratic support. Also, I don’t think that all MS should be part of that as I think some favour something like Norway and Switerzland than actual membership. Deeper political integration should only be for those MS that support this (And I mean the citizens of those MS, not the politicians) and after a reform of EU political leadership such as directly elected President, a real EU Government and pan_European referedums on important issues. Also the Council should be made up of National MPs and act as the first House of EP.

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