The challenge for Dijsselbloem

Some revealing remarks from Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to the European Parliament (via Niamh Hardiman at Crooked Timber and eurointelligence). The summary at Crooked Timber qualifies his talk as having been extremely critical of the eurogroup’s handling of the crisis. One part is worth highlighting for Dutch analysts and commentators who seem to be getting more and more enthusiastic about Dijsselbloem’s taking over from Juncker: according to the recap: Juncker said that “his successor would be well advised to “listen to all Eurozone members on an equal footing” even if it takes a long time to go through a meeting, or else “we’ll see the results in 6 months if my successor doesn’t”…I guess this means not only promoting the view of the pro-austerity eurozone members…I wonder how this required approach would fit together with the promise made by Dijsselbloem to the Dutch parliament during his first appearance on 7 November 2012, to be ‘hard as nails’ (bikkelhard’ as reported by the NRC) in Brussels?


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